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Eu não sei porque mas o meu fecha depois de clicar em iniciar


Hmm,, I'm not sure why but it doesn't seem to load on Mac. Is it because it is supposed to work on an older model of Mac?

Sorry. I don't know about OSX Setting. Also MAC version is not optimized. 

We have only tech support for Windows. But I found this page. 

"Issue with running builds on latest version of OSX" 

"The application “Game” can’t be opened."

This mostly seems to be affecting people who have updated to the latest version of Mac (Catalina).



thank you :-)

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Do you have a semi-fluent English speaker helping with the translations? Or do you do them yourself? I'm curious because I've noticed that they're actually not that bad, but there are a couple spots that I can tell have not been smoothed out, entirely. I was wondering if there was any chance that I might be able to assist with the grammar? I cannot write entertaining/interesting stories, but I love editing stories made by other people. If you are not looking for any assistance, that is fine; the English isn't too bad, and it doesn't ruin the visual novel, for me at least.

Thank you. However, Before I decide, I need time to order my thoughts.


Of course! It's not like I'd insist that you have to decide immediately. After all, I'm just volunteering, not applying for a job.

Hello, when the next update is comming out?


I'll try my best!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, i will be waiting :3

love it soo much so far great work on chapter 1 but i kinda got the bad ending like legit after installing i kinda felt embarrased😅🤣


It's unfortunate. I'm sorry. 😭

Hello. i've play StarLight and it was an amazing experice for chapter 1. i hope this project goes even further <3. i can't really support you rn but if i could i would definity to see chapter 2



This game is so Clean! I love it! 


I have a question, is this or will this be NSFW or is it SFW only?


We are obligated to obey the korean law.  Sexual NSFW Content (Like a porn) is illegal in Korea.

Also, 18+ Game is subject to approval by the GRAC(

18+ Mean "The content and motif of the game have representations of obscenity, violence, speculation, etc.
that would be harmful to children under 18 (direct and concrete graphical representation of sexuality, violence, improper language(expletives)," by GRAC.

Maybe Approval Credit is 200 USD ~ 400 USD (Estimation).


ohhhhhhh ok thanks for the explanation

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The dice minigame was not the best part of the visual novel. Having a low chance of success put me off that minigame., and that is only if the monster's pips were meant to be four.  However, that minigame did not remove how horrible bad end we get on failure or not even having said die. We die.

Sorry. This issue will be addressed in a futur Patch or update.
I'm considering. (Dice 4 -> 3) I was dead too. Even three times.

love the game but alot of characters doesnt show like it says foto not loaded or coropted picture

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In game? or In Folder?

You mean when in the folder.

That was encrypted.


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Are you guys going to try and optimize the android version? The visual novel is really good but it would be better if it's optimized

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🧡 I will open my mind to your suggestion.


Yay! Fingers crossed!


Horkeu_Kamui is right though, when playing on android the game works weird kinda like the device is using a lot of its capacity for the game to work, it really needs to get optimized

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Yes. But It is essential that we operate within the parameters of time and a limited budget. This is very important. (Selection and Concentration) So we can't give you a definite answer. Just open mind.


Yeah I understand that, I really hope that at some point you guys can optimize it, for now I'm fine with this android version. Thank you for replying by the way

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Cheshire: don't trust that prick! He's cheating you!

Damn! I hope he is not talking about... him...

Also I know you meant good but... Maybe change the names of the characters for the original ones or add some option so we can pick between original names and adaptation names? I prefer their original names over the adaptation ones to be honest (no offense)

Other than that I'm enjoying the VN a lot, I like Soonho Yu a lot (even though I have a bad feeling about him), I also like Sunghou Kwon and I wanna give a hug to that cute lion and I can't wait to meet WooJin Kim :3


1. Name : I'll consider your suggestion.

2. We can and I am sure we will. (Develop)


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Ok so for Soonho Yu what's his name and what's his surname/second name?

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uuhh... Well judging from what I know about Korean singer Hyori Lee, I believe her name actually is Lee, so I'm guessing that the guys are named: White Tiger name is Yu, Lion name is Kwon and Fox name is Kim. I absolutely love their names so much

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Wait, so there's already a chapter 2 for this game?

Sorry. Not my comment. It was a minigame. Do u know Truth or Duty? XD there is a chapter 2, but unfinished. 

"Next realesed date"

Sorry. I can't give a definite answer now.
But I'm thinking about making the Game again soon.

We appreciate your interest.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I want the beach!


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Im playing on android and after main menu animation it shows me nothing. Should i redownload the game or wait for until the problem is solved? Sorry for bad english btw ;)Edit: i redownloaded but nothing changes :(

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Sorry. Android version is not optimized. 

It was designed to good work on window.


But if you can, Try this

1. android system webview update

2. check your android version.
If Android 10, It might not work.

3. check your phone spec

4. Windows ver

I don't know android very well.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.


I'll try it on windows then, thanks for your time :)

정말 재미있었습니다. 다음 스토리도 기대하겠습니다 ㅎㅎ

🧡 감사합니다.


I like how this VN is going and all but what is with the characters' names? White Tiger? Dr. Lion? and Fox?Really? I honestly suggest to come up with better names than those you have chosen unless they are working names you have left off until further updates. But i still enjoy your work. :)


🧡 Original Name is :

Soonho Yu (WH) / WooJin Kim (FOX) / Sunghou Kwon (LION)

We have provided another name for the convenience of our english player. :3


I liked Doctor Lion a lot. White Tiger however, I didn't liked... He comes off as a stalker, and he's kind of pushy and a bit creepy. I'm liking the game so far, except the dice game, that I didn't really like. Also it's obvious that English isn't your first language, and I'd urgently recommend that you get a native English beta-reader, you have a lot of grammar and misspelling mistakes, and sometimes you put words in the dialogues that don't make any sense in the scene/dialogue. Apart from that, I'm liking the game. Keep up the good work! 


I like the Cheshire Cat :)


This is a good VN, I've been enjoying it so far. Quick feedback, the grammar in the english translation of the game seems off. Overall it's a good VN! 



i'm sorry but white tiger is making me uncomfortable, he always have "shit eating grin face" when he is worried omg the way he stare at me.

He's like a creepy stalker...

🧡 Thank you for your comments.


Why can't play it Android game file ?

🧡 Could you tell us more about that? Android Ver. Phone Model. Screenshot. and etc.

My phone is Galaxy A9(2018) and I download it of time but can't open it game file

"can't open" If you mean zip file. you can download unzip app on app store.

Use 7Zipper or ES Data/File Explorer or ZArchiver. All of those should definetly work.


Beautiful, the story is interesting and the characters are also interesting, I hope you will continue!

🧡 Thank you.


Is Chapter 1 Day 1 as far as we can get currently?


🧡 Yes. Chapter 1. Day 1. Only Now. mm)



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🧡 谢谢 and we are not chinese industry. even taiwan. So Chinese Answer can be very hard.

Oh sorry. Your game had a bit of taiwanese vibes in it and I thought you were chinese but keep up the good work on the game! ^^

Thank you!

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Really great game so far, I would keep a eye on future updates!
Something I notice, I play the game twice as female, and male (Just to complete the "memories"), and I noticed that during the hospital part, everyone refer me as a 'he', while I was female.


🧡 Regret. There were errors in completing this translate. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it. I hope to give a positive answer as soon as possible. But unfortunately, Our budget & time are limited. mm)

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Thank you so much for your feedback. We have revised according to your feedback which will be available in the next patch.

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Im loving the story and characters so far and the art is pretty good too! but it lack polish (like how you can't use spacebar to coutinue the dialogue but maybe that just me) and im not the biggest fan of having a game mechanic completely reliant on luck especially since you can't save the game when the mini game starts but other than that it pretty good, keep up the good work! 


🧡 Thank you. and Would you like to try the Enter Key? You can turn the script with enter key.


oooh okay, i'll do that


This game is so awesome! Keep going with the great work!

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🧡 THK.


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🧡 Regret. Don't have any special plans yet. (Time limited and Budget limited)

Add Now! But Ratio & UI Not Optimization for mobile. mm)


I really enjoyed this novel and i look forward to future updates

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🧡 Thank you.


Yo/ this looks cool as heck. Also there's a furry vn discord server for dev and reader to interact and as for help. If you want to join in just ask me


Nice to meet you. Yukino/Hazuki. Sounds interesting. Thanks for your suggestion.
But I can't spk eng very well. However, If it's okay with you. I want to join that discord. there you go you can ask for help there too

THK! Have a nice day!